Maps of Celina

Celina is in the center of Mercer County and located on the shores of Grand Lake St. Marys.

Celina has a lot to offer for a small city and the location allows a connection to half the population of the United States in less than two hours by air.

Celina has an advantage with economic development as well, 50% of the nation’s manufacturing and over 30% of the nation’s agricultural production is within 600 miles. To the north lie Toledo and Detroit, to the west Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne, to the east Cleveland and Columbus, and to the south Cincinnati and Dayton.

Major Highways

East/West: SR 29, US 33

North/South: US 127, I-75

Interstate Access: SR 33
(15m via 4-lane)

Distance To Metro Areas
200m / 320km

Chicago, IL:

190m / 305km

Cleveland, OH:

110m / 175km

Cincinnati, OH:

100m / 160km

Columbus, OH:

70m / 115km

Dayton, OH:

180m / 290km

Detroit, MI:

60m / 98km

Ft. Wayne, IN:

120m / 195km

Indianapolis, IN:

175m / 2870km

Lexington, KY:

40m / 65km

Lima, OH:

100m / 160km

Toledo, OH: