• Celina Tax Returns are due by the Federal Due Date.
  • All returns must be signed.
  • Attach; Federal 1040 return (page 1 & Schedule-1), all W2’s, W2-G’s, 1099-M/N’s and other Schedules (C, E, F, K-1 etc.).
  • Federal Extension for filing does not extend tax payment due date.
  • Late filing fee is now $25 per month (up to $150) even if no tax is due.
  • Late payment charge is 15% of amount not timely paid plus 5% interest.
  • All residents 18 years of age and older are required to file an annual return.
  • If retired and/or have no earned income, contact the Tax Office for your filing requirement.
Tax Forms

Tax forms are available at the Municipal Tax Office, 225 North Main Street and the Mercer County District Library or download them here. Generic tax forms are accepted as well. If you are unsure about a form or have questions, please email Celina Tax Administrator or call 419-586-2594.

Ordinance Information
Pay Income Tax Bill Online & E-File Income Tax

You must have a tax account number in order to pay & e-file online. Please contact the Tax Department at 419-586-2594 for this number.

Tax Questions?
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